Help me with a torn rotator cuff.

Patient: I was recently diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. and 2 days ago i noticed a small bruise on that arm on the outside upper part of my bicep, where that bruise is there was a large indent about an inch and a half in diameter and it goes down to my bone. I am wondering if its associated with my rotator cuff injury or something else that i should be concerned about?

Symptoms: Pain, sore, stiffness. bruised

Doctor: Thank you for your question. This indentation is probably associated with the site of the tear of the rotator cuff. Ther e are several muscles and ligaments that form the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint. Depending on where the tear occurs, there could be anatomical deformities that be visualized at the possible site of the tear. We recommend that you have this indentation examined by your doctor to make sure you are not at risk of exacerbation of this injury. If you notice any sudden change in your range of motion, increase in pain, or numbness in your arm, report any and all of these to your doctor immediately. We wish you a speedy recovery.Thank you for consulting