Help me with female masturbation ear loss?!

Patient: I masturbated sitting up and then again lying on my stomach. after the second time, when i got up, i couldnt hear out of one ear. it lasted for about 3 minutes. then the other ear started to get muffled for about a minute. it wasnt as much ringing as it was i couldnt hear..

Symptoms: Muffled sound, slight ringing in both ears

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryMasturbation increases the function of the sympathetic system. The pressures of the bod y like intraocular, ear pressure, blood pressure, everything will increase a little. The pulse rate also increases. Due to the increased pressure, there is a possibility that you developed the above ear symptoms which eventually got better with rest. There is nothing to worry about. Make sure you do not stress yourself and do things which can harm you. There is no need to see a doctor as of now, in case the symptoms persist even on normal activities, then consult a doctorHope this helped.Regards