Help me with my back and rib pain!

Patient: I have been having upper back pain and rib cage pain for 2 days. Its in the shoulder blade area and what feels like the bottom of my rib cage. Pain is not unbearable but it is uncomfortable. It is on both sides. More of a soreness, but I haven’t done anything differently to have this. Pain gets a little worse with deep breaths, especially in my back. I have been taking prescription ibuprofen for pain, but doesn’t seem to be working

Symptoms: Upper back and rib pain.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query to ATD.The type of pain you are having is usually seen in hyperacidity. Sto mach Gastric acidity pain causes referred pain in lower ribs and shoulder and back. This acidity may be secondary to use of analgesics you are using like ibuprofen.Other conditions in which similar picture is seen are problems of a vertebral column, muscular pain and Pleurisy ( infection of lung coverings)you are advised to consult your doctor who may investigate you with x-ray chest to confirm the cause of pain and may start further course of antacids etc.