Help me with this problem

Patient: I have pressure and numbness with my left foot and the pressure is going up my left side of my calf muscle and it feels cold going up my leg what is it? And by the way I’m diabetic.

Symptoms: Numbness and pressure on my foot and lower leg. i also have diabetes.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. This sensation you are experiencing may be complication caused by your diabetes. Diabetes c an lead to damage to the arteries supplying the lower extremities. This causes a condition called peripheral arterial disease. This will damage the blood vessels supplying the lower extremities, causing decreased circulation and symptoms of decreased sensation, numbness, tingling, and even pain. We strongly recommend that you have your leg examined by your doctor and have an ultrasound performed to assess the circulation within your leg. If diagnosed, you may be prescribed medications to assist in thinning your blood to allow for easier circulation to the lower extremities.Thank you for consulting