Help me worried about being pregnant

Patient: Hi just wondering if you could help me as am a bit worried but dont want to go to the doctors just yet lately i keep going dissy all the time when i stand up i’ve also been feeling really ill mainly in the mornings and have gone of halfy food that i normaly like i started to thing it maybe be pregnacy (havent yet done a test thou) but theh this morning i had a little blood in my nickers just to mentchion i am on the cerazette pill do you think it might be pregnancy really rather worried many thanks kara

Doctor: It is really difficult to tell whether you are pregnant or not. Your symptoms could be due to pregnancy but could also b e due to other problems as well. Though oral contraceptive are very effective in preventing pregnancy if properly used, there is nothing 100% guaranteed. The bleeding could be your periods starting or an implantation bleed, it’s difficult to tell. I would advise a home pregnancy test. Do it in the morning with the first urine sample.