Help painless ulcer looking bump on inside of lip

Patient: Hi there. I’m really worried that the painless sore inside my top lip is syphilis. I have only ever had one sexual partner. Last Saturday I went on a girls night out. At the end of the evening we went for some good from a local takeaway. I ordered donner kebab. God knows why!! No dressings. My friend bought the same with chilli sauce an chips. I ordered my small order before her yet my order didn’t come out before hers. I’m worried Italy have been laced with semen. After eating I went and brushed my teeth straight away. Couple of days later my little boy knocked his head ini my lip by accident. It did hurt a little but never bled. Couple days later I have this ulcer looking thing right where my boy knocked my mouth but no paid. My lip is a little swollen. I also have a terrible cold but assumed if got that from when my boy had his jabs last week as he had a cold also. Please help. Have I got syphilis or is it just a knock. I’m so worried. Thanks in advance

Symptoms: Cold symptoms and painless bump on lip inside


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Patient: Has anybody received this?