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Help please, I don’t know why my body looks like this

Patient: I need help, no matter where I go I’m getting the same answer I need to lose weight. But thats not the problem, I don’t over eat. Im active and I eat good, I could eat better but I don’t eat to call myself obese. I’m 18, and weigh 220. I don’t know why my body looks like that. I’m in pain everyday. I can’t stand for long without my lower back hurting so much. I seriously need help or some advice just something, please. Is there a way I could send a picture?



Symptoms: Back pain, feet hurt.



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Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry that you are experiencing such frustration and pain as a result of your weight . Your lower back pain is possibly related to your the excessive abdominal fat that you have. This will put strain on your lower back muscles resulting in the pain you are experiencing. We understand that you are dieting and exercising which is great, however you may need to have this diet and exercise plan specifically tailored for your current health and desired results. We recommend that you consult a personal trainer for this, they will be able to help you develop a diet and work out plan which will best help you in losing excess body fat. Furthermore, we recommend that you have your lower back examined by your doctor to determine the if your back requires medical treatment. It will also be wise to have blood tests performed to determine if you have any hormonal imbalances which are causing you to have difficulty losing weight. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for choosing

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