Help to increase Amniotic Fluid at the month 4 of pregancy

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Patient: Please help question on Amniotic fluid volumeMy sister is pregnant and she completed 4 months, she had little leaking of water I guess, her doctor said her level for Amniotic fluid is too low around 3 ph level. Initially they said they will have to terminate the pregnancy, now said to wait for one weekPlease suggest or recommend how she can increase the level, pls pls help.should we go with second opinion or something important to know

Symptoms: Little leak of water

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If the leak is little, she can be started on antibiotics, but the risk of infection, ch orioamnionitis, preterm labour always remains. If the leak stops with rest, food end elevation and serial monitoring by ultrasound of the liquor, then the pregnancy can be prolonged and a cervical stitch can be put to prevent premature labor in cases of short cervix.Ask her to drink 2 litres of water over 2 hours daily and do this 2 to 3 times a day and also can start on amino acid supplements and amnioinfusion solutions intravenous if needed to increase liquor. However, since it is a very early pregnancy, the outcome is very guarded and chances of abortion is high.Good luck and a safe pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards

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