Help to stay focused in class?

Patient: I have quite a lot of trouble staying concentrated when I’m in class. Is there a certain type of medication that would help me with that.

Doctor: Although some stimulant medications may increase concentration and help stay focused in class, you need to consult your doctor for a detailed history and diagnosis. Your doctor may than prescribe relevant medication to treat the underlying cause or symptom. On the other hand you may try these effective measures to help with concentration:- Cut back on caffeine, sugary and junk foods, instead have a healthy diet including whole grains, lean meats, fruits, vegetables and dairy products, to ensure proper nutrition, freshness and a healthy mind.- Meditation or yoga exercises, aerobics, bike riding, swimming etc. may keep you fit and also help reduce stress.- Set your bedtime as such that you get minimum of 8 hours of sound sleep during night time.- Keep things organised and establish a routine.- Writing as you listen in class would help you stay focused on topics being discussed.- You may ?nd it easier to be attentive if you sit up front, facing your teacher in class.