Help understand whats going on

Patient: My period suppose to came on around the first..this is my first skip period..i had spotted twice and it went back off couple mins later..i took a pregnancy test came back positive with a faint line..then they gave me a blood pregnancy test and it was negitive but i think it was too soon to take.

Symptoms: Im peeing alot and eating alot..i be tired..have headache and i be nausea

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms you described may correspond to an early pregnancy, but it has to be confir med and even an ectopic pregnancy can cause similar symptoms. A urine pregnancy test is reliable,but a blood test ,that is beta hCG is more specific and accurate in detecting a pregnancy. Hence if that is negative you need not worry much.See the doctor for treatment of withdrawal bleedingHope this helpedRegards