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Help urgent related to pregnancy

Patient: My wife is pregnant ,he is getting blood patches from today night , please advise what to do



Symptoms: Bleeding patches



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you meant bleeding is from the vagina, she needs immediate care. Kindly take her to the hospital immediately. It may mean that it could be a sign of miscarriage. In case the patches are on skin, you may need to get a platelet count done on her.An ultrasound of an abdomen may be needed. Also when was her last menstrual date?Does she have any high blood pressure or risk factors.Kindly write back for further clarification.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: last menstrual date 13 may
It started to day night only
high bp

Patient: we have scheduled the appointment for doctor tomorrow evening
or I should wait or go immediately to the hospital

Patient: We have last ultra sound 1 month back when doctor told us about heart beat came of child

Patient: there is also stomach cramps
please advise any risk to pregnancy

Doctor: This indeed is emergency. Kindly go to hospital immediately. Do not wait


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