Help wit sneezing crnt sleep

Patient: Can u tell me how i can stop sneezing so can get some sleep i have been havin propblems wit my nose were ive been refered to hospital to see womeone but i crnt start my drops until the doctors av it ready on tuesday

Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryIt seems that you have been having sneezing continuously, hence bothering your daily activi ties. Suggest you to try steam inhalations , take an over the counter available medication of antihistamine variety like citrezene, also drink plenty of water, sniff of eucalyptus oil now and then and also use phenylephrine nasal drops before going to bed to relieve nose blocks. For a long term therapy, you must find out the allergen and try avoiding it. Stay away from pets, pollens, fumes, dust, mites and cold air,, they all trigger sneezing. Keep your nose and mouth covered in case you get exposed to them. Take an allergy test and consult a doctor for treatment options.Hope this helpedRegards