Help with shoulder pain caused from a Clavicle Resection

Patient: Hi, I had a Clavicle Resection, or the mumford procedure done just about a year ago. I’ve been noticing a dull type of feeling in the shoulder recently; it’s not very painful but more annoying. Whenever I raise my arm up or move it at all I hear a crunching noise that sounds horrible, you can hear it across the room. I’ve also noticed a bump on that shoulder just above the clavicle, and that the shoulder overall looks smaller than my non surgery shoulder. Whenever I work out or weight lift I tend to get pain that builds up over time and I won’t be able to do some lifts efficiently because of it. Again, it has been a year or so since I had the procedure done. What should I do?

Symptoms: Pain in my shoulder that I had surgery on, loud crunching noise, dull annoying feeling when not working out

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that the pain you are experiencing in the area of your surgery could be due to the development of scar tissue which is causing restriction of the movement in your shoulder. At this point, we recommend that you return to your surgeon to have the shoulder reassessed to determine the cause of your pain. You will likely need to have an MRI performed of the joint to determine the cause of the pain, decreased range of motion, and crepitus (crunching noise with articulation). Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting