Hematology question regarding high platelet count

Patient: I am always tired. I have headaches and shortness of breath. I am often nauseous also. My platelet count is 682 and my white blood cell count is 15. I have anemia, ferritin 6 and serum iron 3.7I eat a varied healthy diet and have heavy periods. What do I have?

Doctor: Thank you for choosing ATD.I understand your concern.I will assume that your values are (since you haven’t given units clearly):Platelets – 682,000 /mlWBC – 15,000 /mlFerritin – 6 ng/mlSerum Iron – 3.7 microgram/mlNow based on this picture and adding in the fact that you said you have anemia. It seems like you have a close to normal blood picture. Your platelets are slightly elevated. They are however not too high(Normal range 150,000 to 400,000/ml). They may be elevated if you recently had your periods.The serum ferritin levels and the Serum Iron levels indicate that you have Iron Deficiency anemia. This is assuming that the reports are correct.Iron deficiency anemia can be of these types:- Due to Blood loss- Dietary deficiencyIf you eat a balanced diet, then you are probably getting good amount of Iron through your diet. Then it seems that you are losing blood during periods. This is common in females and thus, hemoglobin levels are lower in females than in males.I advise that you talk to a Doctor to check if you have very heavy Menstrual flow. Usually, a flow lasting more than 5 days or causing complete soaking of the pad every hour.Once you meet the Doctor, he/she will examine you to check for signs of anemia such as pallor, raised heart rate, increased volume of the pulse etc.Post this, the Doctor may decide to start you on Iron tablets or syrup. If the anemia is severe (Hemoglobin less than 8-10gm%) then the Doctor may advise a blood transfusion to increase the Hemoglobin.I wish you a speedy recovery. All the best.