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Hemophilic, Prepubertal Child with Vaginal Atresia

Patient: Hi there, is there a Gyno Specialist I could speak to? My family and I really need answers. A family member of mine has been diagnosed with hemophilia, vaginal atresia and is prepubertal. She claims she had been raped numerous times between the ages of 9 and 15, anally and vaginally, by another family member who did some time for the claim. All we’re needing is for a Doctor/Specialist to explain the medical, physical impossibilities, in order for our family to except the fact that it was in fact a false claim and get back to being a family again. If a doctor would be able to give a little explanation/ professional opinion about any one or more of these following bullet points, it would be greatly appreciated.* The hardships of being hemophilic and the proper procedures it would take to attend to a 9 year old raped hemophilic victim* How attending to a 9 year old rape victim would have required a legally mandated report of abuse from the doctor to the state* The consequences of a hemophilic child being raped and not being attended to by a doctor immediately to stop the bleeding* The impossibilities of having full penile/vaginal intercourse with a prepubertal, unestrogenized, 9 year old with vaginal atresia* The medical/physical consequences of having anal sex (scarring, tearing, lesions, stretch marks etc.) and the impossibilities of having anal sex without leaving some form of inner rectal scarring.



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Doctor: Unfortunately, rape can not me dismissed this easily.This is more a criminal-police matter. As opposed to a medical matter.If it is determined rape did not occur, this person should be given access to the best mental health experts in your are in case these claims are a manifestation of depression, mood disorder or a hallucination.

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Patient: The criminal/police matter has already been settled. This is a false allegation. Child protective services did an investigation and reported no maltreatment. All legal issues have been taken care of. These rapes did not occur, she reported it simply out of anger towards that family member. This has already been proven. I am simply asking for you to explain all the bullet points sent in my previous question to show my family official explanations from a doctor. My family needs reassurance from a doctor, then well be able to get back to being a family again. Please answer my questions or I need my money back. Your last “answer” is completely unacceptable. Thank you

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