Hemorrhoid coming into vagina

Patient: 6 months ago I gave birth to my 2nd son (my first is 10 now). The dr didn’t make it to the labour room in time and therefor I was left with nasty rips that required many stitches. I am not feeling happy with the result after healing. I feel my vaginal entrance is larger than it was before, my GP said while he was stitching me that he couldn’t complete all the stitching as I have a hemorrhoid that is protruding into the vagal canal near the entrance and he couldn’t stitch there for that reason. I can feel this, I can even see it and I hate it there. How did I get it? And how do I get rid of it? . After 6 weeks I returned to my GP who removed an external anal skin tag (small). However I am now getting more tags on both sides of my anus externally. What can I do to fix this? . I worry every time my parter wants to perform oral sex as I don’t feel it’s normal and I am not comfortable with my body anymore. I now have trouble inserting tampons and it takes a while (sometimes with pain) to maneuver them around the hemorrhoid.I am really hoping to get some help with this! I am too nervous to see a DR, and my DR didn’t seem fazed about it.Please help!!!!