Herbal pills when having fibroadenoma

Patient: Hi. I have fibroadenoma in my breast. The doctor has diagnosed it as very small, and therefore not needed for any surgery. However, I have small breasts and I have been thinking about taking breast enlagerment pills such as Breast Actives. Will thise have any affect on the fibroadenoma?

Doctor: Fibroadenomas are noncancerous, benign breast tumors. They are usually firm, smooth, rubbery or hard lump and are painle ss. The cause of fibroadenomas are not know. However, their development is closely associated with reproductive hormones. Fibroadenomas can often enlarge during pregnancy and breast-feeding.Since I do not have much information about the constituents of the breast enlargement pill (which mostly contain herbal products), I would not be able to tell you whether they will effect your fibroadenomas or not. Many of these products do contain reproductive hormones which may worsen the fibroadenoma. I would be cautious in using these products.