Here there is a huge amount of chlorine in the water.

Patient: For higher studies I have shifted in a different city. Here there is a huge amount of chlorine in the water. I am noticing hair loss and dandruff problems. Please suggest something which can help.

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ask the doctor,I understand that you have hair fall and dandruff. Hair fall could be due to a lot o f reasons. It could be the high chlorine content of the water or hard water, it could be the stress due to shifting to a new place or stress in studies, stress due to change in food habits etc. All these usually cause a condition called telogen effluvium. There are other types of hair fall like patterned (Male pattern baldness) or alopecia areata, scarring alopecia etc. Therefore it is important first to go for a consultation with a dermatologist to assess the type of hair fall you have as the treatments vary.We treat Telogen effluvium with vitamin supplements containing biotin, calcium pantothenate , anti-oxidants and minerals for a duration of atleast 3 months.Biotin rich foods are carrots, almonds, walnut, cucumber, cauliflower, milk and eggs. Eggs also have protein and amino acids required for hair growth.Dandruff is caused by a fungus called Malassezia. This fungus is a normal commensal( residing in the body). Some people will mount an allergy against it causing dandruff. This fungus lives in oily skin.Use a shampoo containing Ketoconazole 2% and ZPTO 1% thrice a week for a month. After that continue using once a week at least for maintaining the improvement. Do not apply oil on your scalp.If you have tried this treatment earlier and still it has not come down you need to take a dermatologist’s consultation. A reassessment of diagnosis is required to rule out seborrhoeic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis as both of them can present with resistant scaling over scalp which resembles dandruff. The treatment in these cases will be slightly different.Hope this helpedTake care and wish you good health.

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