Hereditary, allergy-enhanced acne and plenty of scars~

Patient: Hi there!I’m not looking for a ‘fast’ method of anything, I know it’s a process, but…I’ve had severe acne since I was 9. I had a ‘picking’ issue until about two years ago, but the scars are still going strong, and I’m not acne free, either. I’ve lost weight and changed my eating habits and I’m not throwing walmart chemicals all over my skin or anything… So is there something I’m doing wrong, or is there something I have yet to do? I’m a reeeeally cleanly person, though I’m aware that acne isn’t usually a result of the person being dirty, anyway. How do I fix these dark spots? I have no pockmarks, just exhausted pores and pigmentation.

Doctor: You are suffering from acne vulgaris, with limited benefit from conventional treatment, along with post-acne scars and b lemishes. They need to be managed as two different conditions. Treatment of acne involves use of topical and oral antibiotics along with an astringent lotion, which you must have tried many times in the past. But, the treatment has to be repeated every time you get an outburst. The nature of antibiotic therapy however, may change depending upon the response. It is important to be regular with the treatment schedule and also include a Capsule of Zinc Sulfate, which is an important element required for skin repair and immunity. Apart from the medical management, other supportive measures include, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular physical exercise, avoiding junk food, having plenty of fresh fruits and salads, ample of oral fluids and keeping the body clean. For oily skin, use an astringent to clean the face before going out and after returning from work/school. Wash the face frequently with mild soap and water (esp. in summers) and pat dry the skin, avoid scrubbing. For the scars and blemishes, there are specialized Dermatological procedures available. Consult a Dermatologist to know which one would be appropriate for you.