Herniated disc causing severe low back pain and leg numbness

Patient: Ok im 21 and i have a hearnted disc. I have dont phsycial therapy and the water one also. Im on pain meds, i work out to lose weight, i stretch my back out everyday. Im in so much pain i go to a paincenter. I have done an injection and a block. Im 2 young for surgany they say but i have try everything and i dont know what to do anymore. Im at the end of my rope.. So im asking what should i do next. Cause right now im getting no relief. I cant work out with out my leg going numb also. Standing sitting and sometime laying make it impossable

Doctor: After have done Physical Therapy, used anti-inflammatory and pain medication, practicing currently an exercise routine, , going to a pain center, tried local injections and neural blocks, well, Some antidepressants are useful in treating severe and resilient LBP to alleviate insomnia, and pain. In addition, these medications may improve your ability to cope, and they may reduce depression, anxiety, or fatigue associated with severe LBP.  But if you have already tried all of the above, and still you are in severe pain and also having neurological symptoms like your leg is going numb, If after 6-12 weeks of adequate conservative treatment there is poor or no improvement of the pain and neurologic symptoms, I would advise at this point, that you get an appointment with your doctor and/or neurosurgeon and together explore the surgical treatment option to avoid further nerve damage. The surgical treatment of a radiculopathy depends upon: pain severity, degree of functional limitation and neurologic status, meaning, a rapidly progressive neurologic deficit. The age is not a determinant factor for this decision.