Herpes , acne or blisters

Patient: Hi am 14 yrs old . So I had blisters and I went to my doctor cause they were hurting more and more . The doctor then told me I had herpes but I never had sex. So how did I get it and can I have baby’s later in life and if I have sex can I give it to my partner and dose it go away or stay forever

Symptoms: Blisters and itchenes

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Without taking a sample swabbed from this suspected area that may be caused by herpes, it w ill be difficult to determine if you indeed have this virus, just on visual examination alone. Please return to your doctor for a more thorough examination along with testing. If diagnosed with herpes, you will be a carrier for life and can potentially spread this to other persons. Your ability to have children will not be affected by this. Please follow up with your doctor.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com