Herpes or Not

Patient: About two months I received oral sex from ex-boyfriend without protection. I have received oral sex from him in the past and everything was fine. This time my ex informs me that 24 hours later his lips turned purple. When he went & got tested a few weeks after that he told me had herpes. I was confused because he was my only sexual partner and if I contracted anything, it was from him. I visisted a OB/GYN recently to have an exam. I was told there were no physical appearances of genital warts or genital herpes. I had some discharge and that came up as a yeast infection (Candido Vulvo-Vaginitis). I also gave a urine sample to be checked for gohonorrhea and chlamydia. The doctor prescribed me Fluconazole for the yeast infection. Should I have bloodwork done to check if I have herpes or should I think that he may have said that to frieghten me?