Herpes test

Patient: My girlfrind got an infection in the vagina 1 week after we had sexualrelations she went to the doctor for it and the doctor told her that it was chlamydia she did test to the affects parts in the vagina and then after her fever got higher she went to the hospital emergencies and tthy did blood test and everything and they told her after they got the test that it is Chlamydia, so few weeks after I went to get a Chlamydia test and also blood test for something else and the results for what she explain to me that Chlamydia came out negative and herpes 2 positive I don’t have nothing in my body I don’t feel anything at all, so can this be possible that her results came out Herpes negative and my positive can her results might not detected the antivirus in the body or its possible that my test might be wrong ?