Hey doc, im 15 years old, i live in Indonesia.

Patient: Hey doc, im 15 years old, i live in Indonesia. i have some trouble with my face. i have many acne and it gave scars to my face. it started when im 12 years. but thats not my point. i have something with my face. i dont know its like a lump, but small. when i apply a moisturizer, you know i should pat my face gently.. but when i pat around that lump its hurt like smarting. i think its contain something like water ? so what is that doc, i need your help im afraid if im dont act now. i could send you the pic after you email me ? thanks doc

Doctor: Hello thanks for your query on ATD.It seems that you are having severe acne with fluid-filled sacs.The treatment for these lesions is the use of Isotretinoin capsules to be taken under supervision of a dermatologist. These capsules need to be taken for months. You may also require supportive treatment.Please consult your dermatologist. Best wishes