Hey I actually have a question concerning my husband He

Patient: Hey I actually have a question concerning my husband. He is 35 years old and his tonsils are swollen. He’s in a lot of pain and I was wondering if warm salt water would help

Doctor: Hi,Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.Tonsillitis is swelling of the Tonsils. The tonsils are a collection of lymph node like structure which provide an immune function to the body.If your tonsils are getting infected repeatedly, I recommend that you gt surgery done. The surgery is called a Tonsillectomy.Report to a Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor. He will assess you medically to decide if you are fit for surgery.Post surgery, the Doctor will follow up to see that you recover well. Also, you will have to stay on a diet of ice cream or similar foods after surgery. Your husband may find this to his liking!I wish him the best of health.