Hey, I am having very bad pains in my lower

Patient: Hey, I am having very bad pains in my lower left side around/ bellow my rib area I feel it all the time on my left and some on my right but not as much as my left. I have no clue what itIs. My symptoms are seeing black dots, dry mouth, dissy spills, feeling of throwing up, and hot flashes when I play soccer and never ever get red spotty skin and just the past few days I do when I get hot. What is wrong with me?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It would have helped a lot if you had told me your age and your sex. The diagnosis chang es completely. I think that you had a diaphragm stitch. A stitch is where you have a spasm of the diphragm and results in pain.Rewrite the query to us with all the details. Also, you can avoid spasms by getting better trained in soccer.Wishing you the best.