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Hey! I went to the doctor the other day to

Patient: Hey! I went to the doctor the other day to get a painless pimple-like bump on my scrotum checked out. The doctor told me it looked like follicitus. I have also had a sore throat and felt a bit sick for the last 2 days and was prescribed a inhaler for my throat (I’ve been wheezing a bit). A lot of people in my friend group have caught the flu.But what I am concerned about is that a few red dots/small rash have popped up on my upper thigh (where the scrotum follicutus rubs against my leg). I did pick at the bump 2 days ago and made it bleed a little… And I’m not sure if this rash is a result of contact made with the small punt of blood/yellow-clear pus. I did have sex 7 days ago and I’m very worried that I may have herpes.So I guess my question is… Can the hair follicitus be causing this small rash? Or is it a sign of genital herpes? It doesn’t itch/tingle at all but I’m still very worried.Thanks!



Symptoms: Follicitus, pimple, herpes, flu, cough



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.On reading the detailed history and viewing the image that you have attached along with y our query, we are of an opinion that, the rash is caused due to friction of the hair follicles over the area.The rashes or lesions do not seem to resemble a herpes infection. In herpes, one develops a fever, followed by blisters that appear in multiple numbers and can cause itching, pain and discomfort. Blisters are small sized,2mm to 4mm generally and can cause immense pain.In your case, you do not have symptoms and neither such blisters, we can rule out herpes clinically. However, you may wish to get it cross-checked by consulting a dermatologist and opting for a viral test to detect the virus. In case the test is positive, you will have to use a condom during sex until you are cured completely and take antiviral medications. Avoid tight fitting clothes and nylon undergarments. Use cotton clothes and comfortable ones. This prevents folliculitis.Feel free to write back for any further clarifications.Hope this helped.Regards

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Patient: Thank you! I first noticed the rash last night and it seems to have stayed the same since then (maybe very slight more red). I understand that the rash does not resemble a Herpes infection, but is it possible that it will grow until it does? or do early stage Herpes rashes look completely different than the picture I posted?
Also, I did feel like I had a fever 2 days ago but when I went to the doctor she said my temperature was 98.8. Does that qualify as a fever?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for writing back.
The rash does not look like a herpes rash. Although a herpes blister is preceded by a rash, it looks more reddish in color and emerges into blisters, causing a lot of pain over the next 24 to 48 hours of time generally. The rash appears like a continued line or an arc and not spread over many places. It is quite a painful rash causing tingling and hypersensitivity over the areas. The blisters appear in clusters later.
Fever, throat irritation and generalized weakness may precede the rash. However, in your case, since the rash does not look classical and there is no pain, I would not consider it to be a herpes yet. However, you may wait for a couple of days to be sure of it.


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