Hey my dad dosent let me use my vape pen

Patient: Hey my dad dosent let me use my vape pen because his friend told him it was dangerous because i was on antidepressants but the mix i am vaping contains 0% nicotine and a 50vg 50pg mix i know its not dangerous i just need to hear it from a doctor thanks for helping

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I cannot say for sure that the mixture is not dangerous. There are no long-term studies done on this. Also, I am not sure that the Vape pen has 0% nicotine. I think it may say 0% tobacco which is not the same thing.I still cannot say for sure. I come to this conclusion because there are some drugs which have long term side effects only. VG and PG are PG = Propylene Glycol andVG = Vegetable Glycerin which can become some toxic substance when heated.It is better to stay away from this as far as possible. Wishing the best for you.