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Patient: Hey so I have been diagnosed with mollescum on my penis shaft and public area … U can look at pics and tell me what you think its mollescum or something else, but my question is that I have been getting liquid nitrogen treatment for 2 weeks now I see no change in the mollescum what do you guys recommend ? I have also ordered this thing called mollescumrx from online have you guys heard of this Prouduct and if so pls tell me more abut it…. I am losing sleep and weight over this

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Please post the photos to see.Noted your history of molluscum on the shaft and pubic are a.Liquid nitrogen treatment should have removed the lesions. If it is not getting cured then a second opinion of an (another) Dermatologist should be taken and you may then need a biopsy to see whether there is another problem like lichen or so.The treatment of choice is still a process called needling, in which the central nidus containing the virus is removed and one usually get cured.MollescumRx is an herbal product, hence nothing is known about its effectiveness.Do not loose sleep over it as a proper diagnosis leads to proper curative treatment.I hope this answers your query.Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: I am trying to upload it but it keeps getting aborted….. Is thr any way I can email you the picture ? And do you think this will get resolved or will this stay in my system forever ? And I hav also went to a STI clinic and that doctor even said its mollescum…. I really need sum follow ups on this I am very worried

Patient: And mollescumrx is worth a try I hav already ordered it ! What are your thoughts on it ? I hav used this website before and a doctor looked at the picture and said it was mollescum …. Is this treatable and if so how long do you think it will take ?

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Please try uploading again.
I hope, I have seen your pictures of the last query which showed the white lumps with umbilicated center and white nidus.
Molluscum gets fully treated and eradicated.
You really need a Dermatologist, who knows the perfect diagnosis and treatment of your problems. Previous treatment you have taken change the picture.
Hence I would advise you to consult a Dermatologist (Skin Specialist).
I really do not know about MollescuRx. This is a herbal product.

Patient: It does not let me upload the pic it just said picture aborted. But doc they will get treated when I go to the skin doctor ? And I hav requested a appointment with a skin doctor but no calls back on a appointment they said they are really busy so don’t know what to do while I wait… Just want them gone . And also any way I can email u the pictures ?

Doctor: Get an appointment with the Skin Doctor, this is very important to have a proper care, anything on your own or by someone who does not know much about it might not be helpful and increase the/complicate the problems.
You may please contact the office to send the email and photos.

Patient: Yes I have requested for one! Hope to get it soon! Thank you very much, I really want this gone been very stressed about this!

Doctor: Please let me know what your Dermatologist say after your meeting with him/her.
All the best.

Patient: For sure thank you doctor

Doctor: You are most welcome.

Patient: i tried loading pictures again

Doctor: Your allowable limit of follow up is crossed.
Please ask a new question with photographs then it will be possible to load the fresh photographs, give reference question ID 295960

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