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Hi! 4 months ago I got pregnant and it ended

Patient: Hi! 4 months ago I got pregnant and it ended in a tubal pregnancy which resulted into loosing my right tube. Now, we just found out that we are pregnant again. My left tube is in great condition from what my gynecologist said.. But, I am terrified that the same thing might happend.. I would be in very early stage of my pregnancy, about 2.5 weeks. I do have some mild cramping but as of now, no bleeding.. Am I prone to tubal? I’m scared that the embryo won’t implant or even make it down the tube.. Please help meStephanie



Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.There is always a chance of recurrence of an ectopic pregnancy, around 20percent. Howeve r, it is not mandatory that all patients who conceive with a previous history of an ectopic pregnancy end up again with an ectopic pregnancy or a poor outcome. There is a lot of possibility that the pregnancy can very much be intra uterine and can go ahead with a normal delivery of a healthy baby.However, you fall into a highrisk case due to.the past history of losing a tube and having conceived with a single tube. Be positive that you were among those few who could easily conceive after a tube being removed.Having minimal cramping in early pregnancy is very common due to hormonal changes and may not always indicate an ectopic or an impending miscarriage.You can go in for a serum beta hcg blood test now and repeat after 48hours. If the values are doubling then it means a healthy intra uterine pregnancy that can be confirmed later with a scan. If pain increases or spotting starts, then you must see your doctor immediately. You will need an emergency ultrasound if that happens and progesterone supplements till 24 weeks of pregnancy.Wish you all the best And stay positive.Hope this helpsRegards



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Patient: At how many weeks does the tubal pregnancy wouldn’t be a risk anymore?

Doctor: Hello
If the pregnancy in scan at 6weeks or even 5week prevents with a gestational sac with in the uterine cavity, and there is no evidence of any other pregnancy elsewhere, then a can.say it is a.normal and not an ectopic pregnancy


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