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Hi, a while ago I realised you should retract you’re

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Patient: Hi, a while ago I realised you should retract you’re foreskin fully to clean the smegma buildup – unbeknownst to me due to lack of sex education in primary school. My foreskin was very tight and I read online you could do regular stretching to fix this, so I did and now I have a problem. I eventually managed to get my foreskin full retracted and it got stuck behind the glans, so obviously I panicked. However, I managed to get my foreskin mostly over, but there is a bit on the inside which is bunched up behind the glans, I think it has rolled back on itself as opposed to sliding back and forth like normal. This is not a very pressing issue, there is no real discomfort and my penis still functions normally, I just cannot touch the glans – which was my main objective… I just sort of buried my head in the sand and pretended like it wasn’t a problem. Anyway, I also read online you can just put slight pressure on your glans to allow it to resume it’s original position but the glans is too sensitive. Do you see my dilemma? Its a cycle that I can’t seem to undo and I need help. Like I said I feel like I’m not in any real pressing trouble I just want to get this sorted out without going to a doctor unless that is completely necessary. This problem is basically stopping me from having sex so if you could help that would be so good.Thanks

Symptoms: Slightly Red foreskin at affected area, Hyper sensitivity, Smegma Buildup

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Your foreskin is tight and since yo u were not able to clean the glans, there was a lot of smegma too.Now, a part of your foreskin is not coming back. Ideally, it needs visual and physical examination to depict the severity, but it definitely needs to come back. Or else, the affected area might have reduced venous return and venous congestion .I understand you do not want to visit a doctor. Till now there has been no pain, which is a good sign. You can wait got a few more days for it to come back. If it doesn’t it needs to be examined by an urologist and you can also discuss circumcision with him.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards

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Patient: Thanks for your reply. The thing is it’s been like this for a good few months I should’ve mentioned – still it never really caused me any pain. Is there any kind of oil that would just help it slide back at all? Would it be a good idea to suck it up and slide it all the way back again? When I first got that it got stuck behind the head and I panicked and felt light headed.. So I wasn’t really concerned on getting it back correctly – thus I was faced with this problem. Is there a cream that can be used to desensitize the area?
Thanks again

Doctor: Yes, you can try sliding it back with Vaseline jelly lubrication.
Also, lignocaine can be used for numbing the area.

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