Hi about 6 days ago I went to use the restroom

Patient: Hi about 6 days ago I went to use the restroom at my work which is a shipyard as u can imagine lots of men go in the se bathrooms all day. Well I sit down and next thing I know my penis lays down urethra first in what looked like to be a man ejaculate. Now my penis feels tingly and weird is it possible that I could have contracted chlamydia from this?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read your history and understood your concerns about the possibility of an infection.S uch incidences are not well known although occurrences such as you have are known to occur.The tingling and weird feeling can just be psychological unless there is development of any symptoms like redness, itching and burning urination.I think keep under observation, watch for any symptoms and report to your Doctor. If no symptoms, just relax; I am sure you must have cleaned the penis well.I hope this answer helps you.