Hi, About 7 months ago I had my second son and

Patient: Hi, About 7 months ago I had my second son and a tubal ligation. Both babies r c-sec. For 3 weeks, I’ve had what feels a baby rolling around. It moves from one side 2 another. I took 3 pregnancy test which were negative is it possible that I can b pregnant? I’ve also had small periods

Symptoms: Movement in stomach

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood that you have undergone the C sections and tubal ligation, yet you are feeling that the baby is rolling for the last 3 weeks.The maximum chances are that that either you have subacute intestinal obstruction or a condition called Pseudocyesis.To have an ultrasonography and an X-ray if the abdomen in the standing position is the best way to rule out or to get a proper diagnosis and proper treatment.Hope this helps you