Hi again, (see below posts) now 16 days late, still no

Patient: Hi again, (see below posts)now 16 days late, still no period, next period is due in 2 weeks, still negative HPT’s going for ultrasound tomorrow but would like to know roughly what to expect. My period has always been regular 28 days… still no pregnancy signs ( but in saying that i didnt get any with my first child) just mild cramping, lower back pain constantly, white discharge and occasional headache.Hi there, still wondering if i am pregnant, i am now 12 days late, 2 negative blood tests…Many negative HPT, Mild cramping, headaches and lower back pain…(this is my previous question)Hi just wondering if i am pregnant, i am 5 days late and had 2 negative test. i have had white discharge, lower back pain and no other symptoms. We have been very careful every time using a condom. Except 2 days before my period was due we had sex and my husband pulled out. I am 30 yrs old and have a 2.5 year old and came off the pill in December.