Hi at age 39 I had a mastectomy due to

Patient: Hi at age 39 I had a mastectomy due to a Fybriod tumor. It started me in to early menopause. My period cycles have been irregular lately. Right now I have been bleeding for 14 days. When it started it was heavy and now it’s light. I am almost 45 now.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Considering your age and the symptoms that you have been experiencing,it can mean tha t you are having premenopausal symptoms. Before your cycles completely stops, you can experience heavy bleeding and irregular cycles. This is common.Simce the bleeding has been lasting for 14 days, endometrial hyperplasia, polyp and fibroid uterus have to be ruled out. Kindly consult a gynecologist for an examination and investigations like blood and urine tests as well as an ultrasound to rule out the above causes.The doctor can treat you accordingly depending on the condition.Hope this helped.Regards