Hi Doc, Had Urinary Infection and fever one week back ie

Patient: Hi Doc,Had Urinary Infection and fever one week back i.e. 17th April 2015 . There was severe burning after passing the urine anlso had blood (twice or thrice) for three days. Then consulted my Gyno. as I m on TTC. She suggested Cytralka and asked me to take urine tests.First took the Urine Culture and the result said ” No growth found”. Then I found that I have to take Urine Routine too. On 23rd April 2015, took the Urine Routine test with the first morning sample in another lab. Today (24th April 2015) results have come and it says “Motile Bacteria Seen”.I am totally confused. The 2 results as totally contradicting. Kindly help.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your problems.I can understand the confusion that is created by dif ferent reports of different labs. This is where is the importance of clinical significance or clinico-pathological correlation done by a Clinician.Well, I am sure you are under a right course of an antibiotic, to be taken for 3 weeks if you want to be cured.- Take plenty of oral fluids.- Refrain from Sex, if you are sexually active as the urethra is small in females and easily allows the infection to pass up in to the urinary bladder on sexual activity of any nature.- Repeat the tests, go for ultrasonography of the abdomen particularly fr genito-urinary system.I hope this helps you and clears many of hte doubts and adds on your knowledge about the facts that many Doctors may not have told you.

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Patient: Thank you doctor!!! That was very helpful.