Hi doc , i did my first boxing class today

Patient: Hi doc , i did my first boxing class today i am a 35 years old female , fit after i finished my class i felt some pain in the last finger of my right hand , slight heaviness when i close my hand and some tension in the middle of my armAnd my neck , r these signs of major injury or they r just post exercise muscle spasm , i took two pills of cytamol but no major relief , any advice ??

Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query at ATD for an opinion.I have gone through your history and the major cause for first-day pain after unaccustomed exercise is muscle fatigue associated pain rather than a muscle spasm. It gets relieved by massage and hot fomentation. Medication is less helpful in such scenarios.Muscle sprain is usually related to multiple trauma or improper exercise/sports techniques. Unsettling pain in hand can also be due to fracture of the fifth Metacarpal bone. The incidence of these clinical conditions is very low as compared to the muscle fatigue. If there is no decrease in pain after a week of massage of the muscles along with hot fomentation and rest, I’ll recommend you to visit your local orthopedic doctor for clinical examination and evaluation.Feel free to discuss further.Regards