Hi Doc, I just recently turned 20 My boyfriend and

Patient: Hi Doc,I just recently turned 20. My boyfriend and I were making out and he put he rubbed his dick on/around my vagina. I read the vagina is inside and the vulva is outside (the lips). He ejaculated while doing it but it was not on me. He ejaculated at night and he wiped it off and and then later the next day in the morning, he continued to rub. We have never had vaginal penetration (sex). This all happened two weeks ago. I lastly saw my period the 29th of March and this happened on the 6th/7th of April. I experienced some discharge days after we did it. The normal white discharge I experience most of the time. Recently, I have been feeling tired, loss of appetite, my nipples hurt a little and experienced some acne too. I have not missed my period yet..I think its still to come. I did a home pregnancy test on the 20th of April and it came out negative. I have ready scary stuff on how sperm can swim to the inside and all. What are the chances of me being pregnant? reali nervous. Advise needed!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion, I understand your anxiety and concern with regards to pregnancy.I would like to assure you that the chances of your getting pregnant are minimal. This is because firstly you didn’t have an intercourse and your partner ejaculated outside the vagina be it the pre cum or the ejaculate thereby reducing the chances drastically. There is a possibility that the sperms are known to swim up the vagina provided there have been moisture and wetness over the vulva and stays for long enough for sperms to survive. But your partner had wiped it off and you never experienced any penetration even on the next morning. Moreover the day you had sex on 6/7th april, it was your day 8/9 which was again your safe period and you experienced ovulation after some days which was evident by the white discharge you experienced in the mid cycle. So again the chances of pregnancy are negligible.Thirdly, the pregnancy test was too early to be taken by you and hence its invalid. the best way you can confirm at present would be to undertake a serum beta hcg test which can confirm pregnancy within 7 days after the last unprotected intercourse.If the test comes negative which is likely, it would easily explain your present symptoms of tiredness, loss of appetite, sore breast and acne which form a part of premenstrual syndrome. PMS in the absence of pregnancy indicates that your menses are to ensue in next few days. Once the menses resume, you can be sure that you are not pregnant.So it suggested that you get a serum beta HCG test done tomorrow to rule out pregnancy and allay your anxiety sooner.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health and safe sexual practices,Regards

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Patient: I asked a question yesterday and got a detailed answer. This is a follow-up question. I have not done the blood test yet. I had some blood on my pant today. It is not as much as my period would be? is it because it just started? its not overly too much. my period is due tomorrow. Read some stuff about implantation bleeding. Could this be it? still nervous

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the follow up,
Implantation bleeding is seen after 7 days of the last intercourse and in the fertile period. It is always a retrospective diagnosis after seeing a pregnancy test result. If its positive then it is an implantation bleed else it is not. bUt towards the end of your menses and the symptoms, it is unlikely to be an implant bleed. Hence it was suggested to rule pregnancy out definitively by a serum beta hcg test.

Patient: So what am experiencing now cannot be implantation bleeding considering my period was on the 29th of March, and on the 6/7th of April period i had the non-penetrative sex described above? so this can not be implantation bleeding? was also wondering if I had my period on those days then when are my most likely to start ovulation and end?

Doctor: I have already answered that part earlier in the question. please re-read it . This is not an implantation bleed, but likely onset of menses. But to be sure get a serum beta hcg test done today.