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Hi Doctor, I am 32 years now and my wife

Patient: Hi Doctor,I am 32 years now and my wife is 30 years. My wife’ s blood group is B+ and I am not sure on mine. My wife is pregnant now and we are expecting a second baby. My first daughter is 6 years old.Yesterday my wife hade pre natal check up and hospital took some blood samples. Today i got a call from hospital requesting me to come next day to give blood. They were Also checking if any pre marriage blood check was dine.My doubt is since my wife is B+, is there a need to have matching the blood. What is their purpose to collect blood from both of us.And also advise us as ti whether we can fly to native place after 3months of pregnancy completed.



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The need for husband’s blood group in a case of B positive wife is more often to rule out any ABO incompatibility only as Rh incompatibility is not a concern as your wife is positive. This may be a routine hospital protocol at your place and hence being followed.At 3 months of pregnancy, traveling is generally not advised simply because pregnancy and placentation takes time to establish itself and the safest period to travel would be after 16 weeks to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Air travel is allowed, just that any form of commutation which involves jerks or bump should ideally be avoided.There is no real need to be worried regarding blood group, it seems a general antenatal protocol.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing your wife safe pregnancy,Regards

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Patient: Thanks for the information provided. Today I went to give the blood and they hinted that the check is regarding thalassemia, hence they insisted on father’s blood check up….

Doctor: That means that your wife has been diagnosed with beta thalassemia trait and hence your blood group in that case is a must for if you are also thalasemia homozygous then there are chances that the fetys can be one if 4 chances ti be a thalasemia major. With this in regard the blood test is justified.


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