Hi Doctor, I am 33 years old, tall and slim

Patient: Hi Doctor, I am 33 years old, tall and slim. By look I am healthy, but for more than 12 years (as I could remember), I get affected by throat pain followed by cold and then fever which lasts for 4-8 days. And this repeats once in 2-3 months, rarely once in 6 months or once in a month also.I have consulted many Doctors, its found I have sinus problem and nothing found beyond that. Please advice, based on your experience what might be the reason for this fever attack frequently, and what next steps to be taken by me.Thanks,Deva.




Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of 12 years of repeated suffering from sore throat and fever which lasts for 4 to 8 days.I would advise you the following:Consult an ENT Surgeon and insist on the following things:-Investigations of CT scan of the Sinuses and the nose, CT scan of the chest to rule out the focus of infection / tuberculosis.- Investigations of blood, urine.- Try to get to the root-cause so that it can be diagnosed and treated.Once the root cause is treated, you will get rid of this recurrent problems.-In addition get Therapeutic dosages of Vitamin A and D to be continued with multivitamins to boost the immunity.I hope this answer will help you to get a proper direction for diagnosis and treatment.

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