Hi doctor I had sex with a prostitute Friday I

Patient: Hi doctor I had sex with a prostitute Friday. I offered a condon but she said she doesn’t trust other men condom and so she gave me one to use. She put it on me and then gave me oral sex with condom on. And then we had vaginal sex with condom on for a few minutes. No ejaculating or pre cum happened. I pulled out because it was my first time and nervous. Condom didn’t slip or rip. Am I at risk for STD or HIV?


Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Using a condom is one of the best ways to prevent getting an STD but the condom is not a 100 % safe and doesn’t prevent you from an STD.You can get tested by using an STD panel to check for the diseases. I hope that you do not have an STD.Hope the best for you.

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Patient: Hi doctor. Well last Friday I had sex with a prostitute. I offered a condos but she said she don’t trust other people condom. She put the condom on and they she gave me oral sex to make it hard for a few seconds. After we had vaginal sex for a few minutes with condom. I stopped because it was my first time and was nervous. I didn’t ejaculate or pre cum. The condom wasn’t ripped or slipped. After a week I experience a lot of stress and anxiety because of me thinking I got a STD or HIV. But condom was always on through the experience. After a week though I was mastitbating and my cum was strong and it flew everywhere. Then I felt some mild burning or stinging in the head of penis the urethra. No pain during urination or discharge. What do you think I might have? Please answer. I’m concerned.


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