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Hi doctor im a 22yr old male receptive sex partner

Patient: Hi doctor im a 22yr old male receptive sex partner and o was dating a guy on and off for about the course of 8 months during those time we hardly keep in contact cause of work…however our sex life is a bit odd as he like to use a condom at first and then go a bit without it and back with a condom on during this time i never had any nerve or worried about him but he seemed hes not out where as i am comfortable in my sexuality anyways our last encounter i we went without a condom for a bit but i began to regret and and opted for pep out of parnoia…he doesnt precum and now was there any ejaculation inside of me im was tested hiv neg before the pep and he claimed he was but i had a feeling he probly cheated on me anyways i was prescribed atripla as pep which is a very rough medication as the depression side effect of it is stong i was told to get tested at 4 weeks after exposure and 6 weeks which would be safe by my doctor but im traveling at so i would just like a bit of peace at mind what are my chances of contracting hiv? if my risk was high cause we did have sex without condoms a couple times for like 3 minutes the most…should i be worried doc…also i have 11 more days before i finish my course of atripla is the drug any good as a pep?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for posting your query at ATDAtripla is pretty good medication and one of the best medicine in this s cenario. Chances of HIV transmission are less compare to other STDs and HIV transmission byblood route. The only point increasing HIV infection chances is the number of occasions of unprotected sex has taken place in past few months.Chances of HIV transmission increases if there is any other lesion like a ulcer around the genital in any of the partner.Its good you went to the doctor, ensure that the HIV testing is done at intervals as prescribed. I understand that the current scenario is very stressful but nothing else can be done, take your medication and wait till test result are available.I hope your query is answered.For any more doubts or second opinion, feel free to discuss further.Regards



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Patient: there were no lesions and ulcers on either of us and there was no blood

Doctor: Then the chances of transmission of HIV is very less. Chances of HIV transmission after needle stick injry is 0.03%.
Although a specific numerical number can’t be in your case but it would be close to somewhere near to needle stick injury case.


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