Hi doctor , i’m a bachelor i am suffering from excess masturbation

Patient: Hi doctor , i’m a bachelor i am suffering from excess of masturbation .so please give me a solution to stop this

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.You can certainly recover from it. It can take hardly a few days. As I do not know your d etailed history I can chart you a few common things.First of all you have to become very social, mix up with people, friends and family, get involved into a constructive activity, hobby or so in such a way that you are busy all the time. This will not give you time to get engaged into masturbation. GO for outings / vacation / tours. Try not to be alone at all. This will automatically suppress your feelings and alter them to more positive approach and help concentration.Reading inspirational books of biography, religion, success stories of great people and to learn how they mend their ways and life. No one would ever imagine what can change your life to the one where you are full of enthusiasm. Even the smallest of the incidence can change life drastically into a very positive one.Have you visited the religious places of your belief? If not plan one.Try to involve into exercises, games, social events to build up the positive approach. You do not have to force yourself into a particular thing, try the things you liked once.All these things can help you recover from your present problems, help you concentrate and get back the strength of your mind. You are just 22 and the real life is yet to get started. Nothing is impossible in life, this is a very small problem compared to the ones you are going to face of day-to-day problems in the future. Thy name is life. Get up, get ready to change fast and swift.I am sure you can do it.Once you are successful, you are going to be the happiest person, as I too am will be most happy to see your change.