Hi doctor it’s been around two months since I got

Patient: Hi doctor it’s been around two months since I got this look alike white noddles on my tongue. Now my throat burns a little and it’s hard to breathe and can’t eat spicy food, and my tongue gets all white with tiny red dots and still get those look alike noodles. I also have white really tiny pimples you could hardly see all around my mouth, lips,and nose. I also have red dots on my chin and in my lips. My lips keep pealing and they burn a bit. I went to doctor but she said it was a virus and subscribe pills call Acyclovir 400 but they don’t seem to help at all. I haven’t got a fever and nothing hurts I just feel tired when I wake up but I think that is because I always sleep around 4-5am.Could it be herpes I’m really scared please help.

Hi doctor it's been around ...-1

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Your Doctor does suspect that you have Herpes and has started you on the right treatment . Here is what you can do:Drink lots of waterTake 1 multivitamin tablet daily for 30 daysUse a Moisturising creamAlso, complete the full course of tablets to help you get rid of Herpes.All the best.