Hi Doctor, I’ve been just diagnosed with a D12 compression fracture,

Patient: Hi Doctor,I’ve been just diagnosed with a D12 compression fracture, had a car crash last night where my car was sandwitched between two cars. I’m a 30 year old male. The doctors say it might need surgery where he will bolt some screws on.I’ve had a similar car crash back in 2010, where I was diagnosed a L2 compression fracture. I wore a brace for some months. Went on to doing some back strengthing exercises at the gym and was okay. Didn’t opt for a surgery. Had it also checked this time and that bit has healed now.I’m not very keen on the surgery, as I have heard from lot of people who have gone through it that it keeps coming back.Please advise, need a second opinion.Thank you




Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history and the findings.D 12 compression fracture due to car accident yesterday and L2 compression fracture in 2010.Surgery or no Surgery in this situation depends upon many factors.- Actual MRI and CT scan findings.- Its correlation with the clinical findings.- The problems you are facing.- Age and sex of the patient.- Any neurological deficits present or not at the moment or is expected in future as you already have 2 accidents with compression fractures of tow different vertebra in the lower back at different times.For this I would advise you the best thing:Always go for 2 opinions; one of the Orthopedic Surgeon who is operating spine and a Neurosurgeon too.If both of them are suggesting for surgery, go for it. If both are differing go for 3 rd opinion and go by majority.In the meantime have regular follow-up. Take proper care as advised and take proper medicines.I hope this answer helps you in decision-making.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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