Hi doctor m 25 yrs recently got married n missed my periods

Patient: Hi doctor.. m 25 yrs recently got married n missed my periods.. But then after 3 days I got the flow… m seeing many symptoms of pregnancy like heavy breasts, excessive formation of saliva, spins. .. but bcz of periods m confused… nd if I m pregnant nd don’t want to have this child then how can I proceed. Is it Ok if we take this step

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Little bit regularity in periods can be seen frequently due t o many causes.As you got periods even after a little delay, the possibility of pregnancy is less.Heaviness of breast etc symptoms can be seen during premenstrual and menstrual phase also.Just by symptoms we cannot come to a conclusion regarding pregnancy.If you want to be sure, please go for urine pregnancy test to rule out the possibility of pregnancy.In case of viable pregnancy, and if you don’t want this pregnancy, you can terminate the pregnancy with your doctors advice.Usually, termination of pregnancy in early gestational age may not affect future fertility.Hope this helps.Take care.