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Hi Doctor, Me and my boy friend unexpectedly had sex, not the way usually happens.

Patient: Hi Doctor,Me and my boy friend unexpectedly had sex, not the way how sex really happens. In detail, we both were naked and he pre ejaculated during our oral sex, peed n came. Post which after sometime he inserted his penis tip or little half inside my hole or vagina. We did have penetration but for one second. He did not ejaculate inside my vagina. But i am worried if will get pregnancy. Because i heard if penis is rubbed around or close to vagina there are chances of pregnancy. Also even if i get my periods will never get to know and there are chances of being pregnant. I am worried a lot, its almost a day and can i take emergency contraceptive or not. Is it safe and will it work. If yes, please suggest me name of EC. Also will it completely avoid pregnancy. Because i am unmarried. Is consuming of one EC ok or should i continue, if yes, for how many days. Should i undergo pregnancy test as still there is time for my periods.



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query at ATD.I have gone through your history and understand your concerns.The chances of pregn ancy are quite low in your case but nothing is 100%.As he is not ejaculated inside the vagina and sperm is not deposits inside the vagina the chances of pregnancy are low.In your case yes, you can take emergency pill called unwanted -72.One pill within 72 hrs.after intercourse and it is 96% effective.As such no major long-term side effects.Pregnancy test can be done as early as 14 days after intercourse, but it should be done 7 days after her missed period date.Hope found useful, feel free to discuss more information.Good luck.Regards



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Patient: Thanks doctor…we did not intercourse completely is what i feel. I have literally no knowledge about sex

Doctor: Hi,
So the chances of pregnancy are quite low or almost nil.
Please do not take stress.


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