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Hi Doctor On dec 12th I engaged in a sexual act.

Patient: Hi Doctor On dec 12th I engaged in a sexual act of digital fingering with a girl I’ve known for 10 months. Before this I asked her if she had any current Sti which she said she doesn’t and she’s been testing. The fingering was very brief and I don’t recall any active cuts on my fingers. 2 weeks later I devolved a sore throat for 1 day and I felt a bit ill but it went away week after that I got really sick and had a fever of 99.4 from what my machine stated with body aches and chill. That lasted two days a week after that i developed diarrhea and red bumps on my body. I don’t have a fever now and I don’t have Flu symptoms just stomach issues and no appetite .. I know there has never been a case of HIV from this and I know it’s very rare . However since then I have been really worried and contemplating testing. Was I at risk? Is testing needed? I also asked my partner again about her status and she said she’s clean and will test to prove it but I’m a very anxious and paranoid. I don’t want to give in to testing because I’ve done my research and I want to simply get over my HIV fears in life. However it’s hard when these symptoms are playing games with my head. I really want your expect advise to move on. Your honest opinion and advice is really needed right now. Thanks



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,Firstly with intact skin of fingers, if you were involved with fi ngering, even if the girl was an HIV positive case, still the chances of transmission of HIV would have been next to nil, so you really should not be worried.The rash, diarrhoea, red bumps and fever was most likely a gastrointestinal viral infection which is taking its own course for resolution with fever having gone already.HIV as a disease doesn’t cause symptoms on its own per se, it needs to increase its viral load over at least 6 months before it is able to affect the CD4 + immunity cells and destroys them and then can cause opportunistic infections in one’s body, so this manifestation is not due to HIV in any ways.So you can actually rest assured, though the best way to rule it out would be to get a HIV RNA PCR test after 12 days of exposure to rule it out conclusively.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you safe sex,Regards



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Patient: Thanks I did a 5 week oraquick mouthswab and it was negative. I know it’s. Bit early but if my symptoms were due to ARS I would show antibodies right? The red bumps were not everywhere I would have one or two in places, in fact i think it was my mind playing games with my head. … My main thing is not letting my needless anxiety ruin my life .. Just believing expert advise. Now from what I have stated do you think I need further testing or I can move on with my life? Thanks

Doctor: If the ora quick swab test is negative after 5 weeks then you can safely consider yourself to be negative and need not worry hence. You can surely move on with your life .

Patient: It was done 2 days before 5 weeks. . Do I need to retest?

Doctor: No you need not undertake any further test. The test is sensitive.


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