Hi doctor recently I had met a girl on febuary

Patient: Hi doctor recently I had met a girl on febuary 21 around 12 in the mornIng and I took her to a hotel and she provided me oral for 1-2 more or less I didn’t have any vaginal or anal sex. Before I left I rinsed off my penis but I didn’t use soap. I also had a scar on the right side of the foreskin near the head where it was in the process of healing because of having sex with my wife. For some reason every time we do it she splits my foreskin I’m assuming because of me being rough and it’s dry. Moving along I went home showered. I’ve got really panicky the next couple weeks of being scared for an std. The week after the encounter I started feeling sick and feverish but I believe it was just me due to guilt being upset about the situation but I did have this non stop mucus which was really green for about a week but it went away. I usually sleep with the window open at night maybe could be a factor. The person I had that encounter with was found out to be a transgender who has done a sex change. I went to get tested for hiv(rapid oral) on the 27th of Feb not knowing the window periods. on going on the 3rd week after the encounter I tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea results came back negative I also tested for syphillis same day and they were negative as well. I started to become really more paranoid because I had sex with my wife and she got a yeast infection after 1 week after the incident I had sex with her. But she recently started taking birth control pills mono linyah I bought her monistat 3 day with the insertion and cream. Her yeast infection went away as well as mine but mine took a day by using live cultural yogurt. Moving along I have had no alarming symptoms but sometimes I would feel tenderness in the neck but maybe it’s because I was googling to much but it will go away. On the 39th- 40th day I went back to the clinic still obsessing about hiv they screened me for a finger prick rapid test still negative.my right thing is starting to peel as well as well as my right index finger. Doctor I am getting restless and worrysome at night I’m only 21 should I be worried about hiv was I ever at risk ? The person dissapeared after 3 weeks from the encounter no sign of communication they also stated they don’t have hiv and they can 100% assure me but I don’t trust anyone please help me

Hi doctor recently I had me...-1