Hi, for the past couple of weeks my head feels

Patient: Hi, for the past couple of weeks my head feels funny when I lay on my stomach, walk around a lot (I’m a waitress), when I bend over and when I look straight down. For the past 3 days I’ve suddenly gotten a numb hand and arm for a couple of minutes then it went away. This all started after a bad headache on night and pain meds, muscle relaxers and natural remedies didn’t have any effect. When I cough also, I get this moderate pressure feeling above my forhead. Please help

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood that your problem started with aheadache and the tablets you took has no effects.You are fe eling funny head on laying on stomach, bend over and when look straight down. Increases on coughing and you had an incidence of numbness in the hand and arm once.You are a waitress and walk a lot.Your history suggests me about a possible Cervical Spondylitis or so. All the features, your job fit into this.I would advise you the following:-Consult an Orthopedic Surgeon for clinical evaluation and actual physical examination.-MRI with MRI angiography of the neck and spine can tell us the probable diagnosis.-Other investigations as may be suggested by the Doctor on examination.-Rest to the neck; may be a few days off from the work.-Continue muscle relaxants with anti-inflammatory tablets.-Exercises of the neck if tolerated.-A good sleep relaxes the muscles and mind well.-And rest of the treatment as may be suggested by your Doctor as per the clinical findings and reports of investigations.I hope this answer helps you.